What You Should Know About September Market Conditions

What You Should Know About September Market Conditions

We are anticipating September to be somewhat active with volatility. Large institutions and funds will be adjusting charter and trust holdings. This is simply the rotating and accumulation of shares in ETFs, derivatives and other products to meet their charter requirements.

It maintains the integrity of pricing in these products as well.

With the current trading range market we are where price has been moving sideways and with this additional activity in stocks, it is important that you as a trader pay attention to your held positions and try not to enter stocks that are peaking high in their trends. Search for stocks that are cycling from their bottoms. Also follow where the large institutions are accumulating shares of companies.

Current attention now is on the health care industry. These institutions are focusing on:

Diagnostics and Research
Medical Instruments and Supplies
Drug Speciality

What does this mean for you? Well to start this isn’t a buy recommendation but a guide that you should create a watchlist for each of these sectors. Where large institutions are buying is where we follow as they have access to information and capital so they can research what’s a great value investment.

Do your due diligence and look into these industry and sectors.

If you you find a stock in these areas and want an analysis on it feel free to message us with questions!

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